Regular house washing doesn’t just keep your home looking its best – it also extends the life of the paint by many years. That’s because dirt, airborne salt deposits, moss, mould and lichen can attack the paint surface and cause it to break down prematurely. A yearly house wash will give you peace of mind that your home’s paint job is being looked after.

A standard house wash includes spraying an eco-friendly bio-degradable detergent capable of killing moss, mould and fungus in the areas being cleaned. These areas include the outside of the gutters, eves, walls and windows. PBF’s house washing team will then clean your home’s exterior with a low-pressure wash using a wide-span nozzle that won’t damage painted surfaces. This gentle chemical wash will remove all dust, dirt, spider webs and road grime while ensuring your paint job isn’t disturbed. Your house will be sparkling clean and will look fantastic!


A pre-paint wash is essential for a beautiful, long-lasting finish. PBF’s house washing team will wash away any dirt, grime, moss or mould. This helps prepare the surface for paint and ensures your new paint stays in great condition for years to come.

A pre-paint wash uses the same formulation as in a standard house wash but the surface is cleaned with higher water pressure to remove flaky paint and create a smoother surface.


When you’re selling a house, you get only one chance to make a first impression. Washing your house before it’s viewed by potential buyers makes a huge difference.

Grimy cladding or corners covered in spider webs can be off-putting and distracting, making your home less attractive to buyers. A professional wash will leave your home’s exterior looking its best and show your house has been well cared for, while clean windows will showcase the light and scenery visible from indoors. That’s why many real estate agents recommend a house wash to improve your chances of a fast sale.


“The best painting experience we’ve ever had. PBF are a highly professional organisation and deliver a quality product.”

“House is looking GOOD! Thanks.”

“Absolutely fabulous job by Dean. He worked extremely hard, very thorough. Will certainly refer you to others. Thank you.”

“Absolutely first-class house washing job. The sun's reflection in the glass is so great you should supply sun glasses.”