Soft Wash Regularly Protect your paint Find Out More Moss, mould, salt & dirt degrade your paint work prematurely Slippery Surfaces Bring surfaces back to their former glory and remove slippery moss to keep your family safe Find Out More Moss, mould, salt & dirt degrade your paint work prematurely Drive Need Attention? Ask how we can whirl away the problem Find Out More Maintain for profit Protect your paint Find Out More Prevent maintenance issues with an annual plan Special Occasion? Get your outdoor areas ready Find Out More Pressure wash, chemical treatments and soft wash cleans available Roof Growing? Extend the life of your roof with a treatment or chemical wash Gently remove grime using the natural weathering process Find Out More

7 Reasons To Choose Us

1. High quality
Enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting finish. We make sure all the important details are done correctly, according to our quality assurance checklist. Our quality control process defines a clear standard for each aspect of our services, and we document our work to confirm those standards are met at each stage of your project.


2. On time
Your project will be completed in the agreed timeframe, minimising inconvenience to you. One of our experienced project managers will work with you to plan your project and make sure we’re in on time and out on time.


3. Cost aware
Don’t worry about surprises when it comes to pricing. Our detailed quotes provide you with certainty about what you’ll pay. We deliver accurate proposals in just five days and we clearly lay out each quote item. You’ll also receive a separate action plan describing exactly how your job will be completed. We’ll give you a fixed price for the finishing trades.


4. Management
Save time and money by leaving the management of the finishing trades to us. We specialise in supplying, fixing and stopping plasterboard, as well as painting. That means you get the whole package in one team, eliminating the hassle of having to find and manage different companies to get them to work together. Leave the management to us – it’s what we do.


5. Experience
Avoid costly mistakes or delays. Your project will be run by our experienced project managers. Every member of our senior management team has between 20 and 46 years’ experience in stopping, fixing or painting trades.


6. Environmentally friendly
We work hard to minimise any impact on the environment and have completed several Green Star projects including New Zealand’s first Green Star project, the Deloittes Centre.


7. No risk to you
Our work is backed by the best guarantees in the business. Because we don’t take short cuts and have robust quality control processes, we’re confident about guaranteeing our workmanship.

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