Finding the right company to wash your home is a big decision, and you probably have some questions about the process. Here are our answers to common questions. If your project involves house painting, visit our painting website and if it involves gib fixing or gib stopping, visit our plasterboarding website for more information. Can’t find the answer to your question? Please contact us so we can help.

House Washing

Why should I wash my house every 12 months?

Your home is one of your biggest assets – possibly the biggest. But it’s so easy to forget about getting it cleaned.


Over time, moss, mould and dirt will build up on your house and eventually damage the paint work, leading to expensive repairs and the premature need for a new paint job. Washing your house each year will prolong the life of an expensive paint job, keep your home looking fantastic and help maintain its value.


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Will a house wash extend the life of my paint?

The simple answer is yes. Leading paint manufacturers such as Resene recommend paint work be washed at least annually. That’s because dirt, mould, moss and lichen can attack and damage paint over time. Quality painters will only honour their guarantee if the house has been regularly washed.

Will my plants be affected?

The chemicals we use to wash your house are gentle and won’t kill plants, although some burning may occur on hot days. Our team will use fresh water to rinse your plants before and after your housewash, minimising any impact of the cleaning solution. We always recommend that you rinse your plants again after the job has been completed, for your own peace of mind.

Will the paint on my house be removed or damaged?

No. We will clean your home using a low-pressure chemical wash, with a gentle pressure of 800 to 1000 psi. At this pressure, even loose or flaky paint rarely comes off. So if your paint is in good condition, no paint will be removed or damaged with our low-pressure chemical wash.

What to Expect

Before we start
On arrival, we’ll introduce ourselves and survey the areas to be washed. At this stage, you can talk to our technicians about any other areas you might need cleaned. Our team will confirm the price.


All our equipment is mounted on our truck, and we have 60-metre-long hoses. We can do most washing from the ground using extension wands that reach up to eight metres high.


How long will it take?
An average sized house takes our two technicians between two and three hours to wash. If we also wash drives, paths, decks and gutters we might be at your house for a lot longer.


Cleaning products
We apply a mild salt-based cleaner with a PH-neutral detergent that softens and breaks down mould and dirt. This allows our technicians to clean your home to a professional standard using a gentle low-pressure wash that won’t damage surfaces.


We take great care not to damage your plants and gardens while washing your home. We ask that before we arrive you remove any objects such as pot plants, outdoor furniture or anything moveable that’s blocking access to the areas being washed. Please also ensure your driveway is clear so we can access your home with the water-wash truck, and that there is a free walkway all around the house.


What can I (the homeowner) do to help?
Please close all the windows and remove any washing from the clothesline. If there are items you don’t want to get wet or to get chemicals on, please move them indoors or cover them. If you have leaky windows, please place a towel on the windowsill as occasionally some water can get in.


PBF complies with all new safety laws to protect you, your family and our team members. We ask for clearance around the work area, particularly around our truck and near ladders that could fall and damage property or cause injuries. For your family’s safety, we ask that you keep an eye out for children who may be tempted to play around the work area or climb on our ladders or truck.


What can I expect the result to look like?
Not only will your home be beautifully clean but your paint work will be protected from damage that residual dirt and grime can cause over time. We’ll leave your property spotless and do our best to return any items we’ve moved to their original position.


Please provide at least 48 hours’ notice if you need to change your appointment. We carefully schedule house washing services to maximise our productivity and your value for money. As a result, if you give us less than 48 hours’ notice we’re unlikely to be able to use the lost time and you may be charged.


For security and courtesy please let your neighbours know we will be washing your home. If any neighbours are close to your house and may be directly affected, we’ll speak with them whenever possible.

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