A high-quality finish requires careful attention to detail and meticulous use of best practices. That’s why we created our quality assurance checklist. This checklist is used to ensure your job is completed without shortcuts and to exact specifications recommended by the manufacturer, resulting in a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

What began as a 37-point checklist has become increasingly detailed over the years, in order to capture the level of quality we insist on.

Here are the key areas our checklist focusses on:

Thorough review of the project’s scope to meet your needs

We start by reviewing your requirements for the project, including the timeframe required and the result you want. We work with you to identify aspects that need additional planning or discussion to effectively meet your needs.

Fixed quotes and scope of work

In the case of fixed quotes, we assist you by clearly documenting the scope of the project for each trade (such as painting, GIB® stopping and GIB® fixing). This gives you an early indication of how any changes to the scope might impact your budget.

Architectural specifications

We also help you translate architectural specifications into practical finishing details. Unspecified or unclear details are highlighted early on, so you have time to make the necessary decisions without delaying your project’s progress.

Measurable results

The checklist gives clear targets and standards for each project. We track our performance during each visit, and record how well our performance meets your expectations and those of our internal checks.

Key targets include:

  1. Correct completion of quality standards the first time
  2. Meeting deadlines as agreed at the start of the project
  3. High client satisfaction rates
  4. Timeframe objectives tracked for on-time completion

To track successful completion of your deadlines, we record our time objectives for each job. We also break down tasks and resources for the project on a day-by-day basis. This helps us identify potential delays before they affect your project.

Environmental standards and health and safety

To protect the health and safety of you, your family or your clients, our team is trained in worksite safety. We conduct daily spot checks and have weekly meetings throughout the project to confirm adherence to safe and tidy work practices. Other checks ensure our environmental practices are carried out correctly.

Technical quality checks

Our trade action checklists for ceiling battens, GIB® fixing, GIB® stopping, interior house painting and exterior house painting ensure the work meets our quality standards. We also complete quality assessment visits throughout your project. This includes checks during the early stages of the job to ensure your finish won’t deteriorate over time.

Monthly review of our objectives

The results of our checks are monitored and reviewed monthly as we continually evaluate and improve the performance of our systems.