Decks, Fences and Paved Areas

A clean deck is inviting and helps your home look its best. It also helps the timber last longer and prevents slippery and potentially hazardous build-up.


To ensure a sparkling finish, we’ll first apply a special formulation to loosen dirt, moss and lichen. We’ll then clean your deck using a rotary cleaner, which has a gentle swirling action that cleans thoroughly without damaging timber. Occasionally, we’ll recommend applying a deck oil to further protect the timber and enhance its finish.


Deck cleans are not automatically included in a standard house wash, so be sure to let us know if you want this service.

Driveways And Paved Areas

Outdoor entertaining areas are safer and more inviting when they’re clean. We’ll clean your concrete and brick areas using a rotary cleaner. This has a gentle swirling action that ensures your concrete is kept in great condition and isn’t pitted or damaged.


We recommend a moss, mould and lichen treatment to clean cobblestones, because water pressure will blow sand from around the cobbles. To do this, we’ll apply a commercial-grade treatment on a fine day and let it break down any dirt, moss, mould or lichen over time.

Fences And Retaining Walls

Fences and retaining walls need to be cleaned to keep them looking great. We can clean fences and walls of all types, and are happy to focus on just the parts you need done. For example some people like to have only the outside of their fence cleaned, or just the inside – it’s entirely up to you.

Pool Areas

Slippery build-up around pool areas can ruin a fun day of swimming if your loved ones fall over. Keep your pool areas safe and looking great by getting them cleaned every year before the swimming season starts.

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