Auckland Construction Still Peaking

Auckland Construction Still Peaking

Latest figures (March quarter) from statistics NZ show that construction in Auckland is continuing its strong growth. In seasonally adjusted terms rose 3.2 percent. The national value of residential building activity rose only 0.2 percent from the December 2017 quarter.

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Villa Repaint Earns Gold Award For PBF Master Painters

Villa Repaint Earns Gold Award For PBF Master Painters

Rejuvenating a transition villa has earned Auckland painting company PBF top honours at New Zealand’s premier painting awards.

Competing against 547 Master Painters in New Zealand, PBF won the ‘2018 Gold Award’ for Repainting of a Residential Character Interior  at a ceremony in Queenstown this month.

The award adds to PBF’s growing trophy cabinet, which includes:

  • Gold Award for Residential Exterior Repaint 2017
  • Silver Award for a Residential Exterior Repaint 2017
  • Gold Award for a community project (jointly awarded to Auckland Painting Contractors Association) 2017
  • Category Winner Award 2017
  • Residential Master Painter of the Year 2016
  • Westpac Excellence in Customer Service Delivery 2016
  • Category Winner, Master Painters Quality Awards 2016
  • Highly Commended, Master Painters Quality Awards 2015

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MASSIVE 20% OFF Gutter Cleaning Limited Offer

MASSIVE 20% OFF Gutter cleaning limited offer

Rain gutters blockages commonly cause flooding and interior damage. Even periodic minor flooding will cause mould and dry rot. When heavy rain comes blockages or…

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Driveway Cleaning Limited Offer

Driveway cleaning limited offer

Falls around the house are very common. ACC Statistics show that 150,000 New Zealanders where injured through slips and falls last year. Does your driveway…

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Building Boom Cancelled Says Chief Economist

Building Boom cancelled says chief economist

Kiwi’s have been hopeful for a building boom to resolve our housing crisis. Sadly according to a top financial crystal ball gazer there will not be a building boom.

Tony Alexander, Chief Economist at BNZ top says “There cannot be a building boom in New Zealand because the resources are simply not available”.

Whilst the government has promised 10,000 new affordable homes to help New Zealanders it may not be that simple.

Obstacles to solving our housing shortage includes developers inability to obtain funding due to tighter lending rules. Somehow this massive undertaking will need to be funded by someone. Apart from lending restrictions we would expect to see a more be a cautious attitude from developers and landlords.

In addition investors money drying up the new government have promised a number of measures to make life easier for those renting.  We would expect investors to have a more conservative approach to the market as we will probably see measures to regulate their

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10 Things You Must Know About Roof Maintenance

10 Things You Must Know About Roof Maintenance

Though taking care of your entire building should be your priority, roof maintenance and repair is what should come at the top of the list. Why? Because the roof endures substantial wear and tear as a result of different weather conditions. Inclement weather such as high temperature, heavy rain and strong wind can seriously affect the stability of a roof structure over a period of time.

Often, people ignore roof maintenance and as a result end up spending a lot more on roof replacement. This can be easily avoided by homeowners through a little care at their end, which’ll help them avoid those expensive replacement costs later on.

Below are 10 things to help you with roof maintenance:

#1 Perform regular roof inspections
Regular inspection helps in identifying potential issues quickly and lets you take proper remedial action in order to avoid headaches later on. Merely observing your roof after every season can help you identify possible issues. Watch out for thingss such as

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Roof Paint And Roof Painting Tips

Roof Paint and Roof Painting Tips

Homeowners and property managers would know that maintenance of the roof is just as important as any other part of a building. Painting the roof not only keeps the whole building in good condition, but also ensures the longevity of the property. Ideally, the roof of a house should be re-painted at least once every five years or so. This maintenance approach keeps the roof in perfect condition and also ensures that minor issues such leaks and rust are easily identified and taken care of with minimal cost to the owner.

While there is no denying the fact that roofs of both commercial as well as residential properties need regular painting, factors like type of paint, time of painting the building and solvents also affect the longevity of the property. In this article we will discuss the top things to keep in mind while painting the roof of a building.

1. Choose the right paint: If you have decided to paint the roof of your house or building, bear in mind that there is a specific pa

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PBF Paints Remuera’s Oldest Home

PBF Paints Remuera’s oldest home

We recently had the honour of re-painting one the oldest homes in Remuera.

Mainston Mansion was built in 1853 by the then soon to be superintendent of Auckland Mr Robert Graham.

Mr Graham was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1820 fifth so of a farmer and coalmine owner. After coming to New Zealand at age 20 he and his brother founded businesses in Russel and in Auckland later buying and buying land in Waiwera.

Mr Graham purchased the 500 acres on which it stood between Remuera Rd and Panmure Rd,  including Saint Johns. He founded Ellerslie and sold the land that is now the Ellerslie race course.

Interestingly Ladies Mile was likely named as being the route Lady Graham took on her way to the races.

Mr Graham is was one of New Zealand’s most remarkable statesman of that era with many historical contributions to the greater Auckland region and beyond.

Mr Graham was well regarded by local Maori and was know to have negotiated a peace treaty between Maori from Taupo and Rotor

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