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Low Pressure Chemical Soft Wash = 200m2 House

Timber Stained Deck = 25 m2

Total of Low Pressure Chemical Soft Wash = $ 66.25

Gutter Cleaning = 200m2 House

Roof Size/Type of Structure = 200m2 Roof
Roof Pitch = 45 Degree Pitch
Total of Roof Maintenance = $ 340.00

Concrete – Raw -Chemical and Blast = 35 m2

Total of Driveways, Paths & Courtyards = $ 92.75

Total $ 499.00
GST Tax $ 74.85
Grand Total $ 573.85

Although we like our pricing to be accurate, our prices may be subject to change if there is an excessive amount of mould (especially red mould or lichen on surfaces) or some access issues. Do let us know over the phone if you think you may have some requirements out of the ordinary. We want to charge the right price to enable us to do a great job for you.

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