10 Things You Must Know About Roof Maintenance

Though taking care of your entire building should be your priority, roof maintenance and repair is what should come at the top of the list. Why? Because the roof endures substantial wear and tear as a result of different weather conditions. Inclement weather such as high temperature, heavy rain and strong wind can seriously affect the stability of a roof structure over a period of time.

Often, people ignore roof maintenance and as a result end up spending a lot more on roof replacement. This can be easily avoided by homeowners through a little care at their end, which’ll help them avoid those expensive replacement costs later on.

Below are 10 things to help you with roof maintenance:

#1 Perform regular roof inspections
Regular inspection helps in identifying potential issues quickly and lets you take proper remedial action in order to avoid headaches later on. Merely observing your roof after every season can help you identify possible issues. Watch out for thingss such as fungus or algae growth and rust formation. Also, look for the signs of leakage in the attic. Check repairs, seals, and joints for leaks; These spots should be inspected regularly. Examine entry points such as vents, exhaust pipes, and chimneys, which can be hotspots for leaks, and observe bending and sealants for moisture.

#2 Remove debris from your roof
Over a period of time, a roof turns into a dumping ground for debris such as leaves, sticks, unused plastic or rotten wood. Stop treating your roof like a junkyard and clear the space or else it can stimulate the growth of mould and moisture in your building. Debris such as leaves, small limbs, and sticks can damage your roof and encourage algae growth.

# 3 Keep your gutters clean
Cleaning gutters will certainly be the least important thing on your priority least, but it’s a very important home maintenance task. If the gutter is full of leaves and other debris, it might get choked when there’s excessive buildup. Cleaning the gutters helps water to pass through freely from the roof, thereby preventing water-logging.

# 4 Insist on UV protection
Are you planning to paint your roof? If yes, ensure the paint is UV-resistant. These paints are slightly more expensive than a normal paint, but they increase the life of your roof. Also keep in mind the spread rate of the paint. If your paint has a higher spread rate, it may require more coats.

# 5 Clean the surface wall
You may ask about its relevance, but painting the roof will be pointless if the surface is not cleaned properly; the whole purpose of painting then won’t make any sense. So, do some hard work and remove all the dust, dirt, and grime. That will take time, but the result you get will be worthwhile. The paint coating will last longer on the surface.

# 6 Prepare your iron roof differently
If your roof is made up of iron, having a protective layer can help you keep your it in in good shape. Using a polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) finish is what you can consider because of its high weather-resistance properties. It can safeguard the roof from mould and corrosion.

# 7 Check for critters
This is important as rats and other tree-climbing animals will create a home on your roof. They can even make an entry into your attic area and living space. You should also take care of insect infestation since it can destroy your wood decking. Immediately take help of a professional pest removal company.

# 8 Check for dark spots
Having dark spots on the roof is a sure sign of leakages. Covering it with an extra coat of paint is a temporary solution. Ignoring these potential warning signs will be detrimental to the long-term health of your roof. So, investing a few extra bucks will help you avoid expensive maintenance costs later on.

# 9 Remove moss
Removing moss is critical to the stability of your roof structure. It can be done in many ways:

• Can be removed manually with a scrub brush
• You can blast it off with a power washer.
• Can be eradicated through chemical treatment, but get a professional to do this as it can be risky.

#10 Routine maintenance
Routine maintenance may seem like a headache, but it can save you both money and time. Often people hire professionals and if you are doing it yourself, take proper safety precautions.

Summing up…
The roof in your building, if not maintained properly, can take away many more years from the life of your building. It also affects the market price of buildings. So, talk to a roof painting specialist if you’re seriously considering roof maintenance. We hope the above tips help you identify potential issues quickly and you take proper action to rectify them so that your roof lasts longer.

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