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Auckland Construction Still Peaking

Latest figures (March quarter) from statistics NZ show that construction in Auckland is continuing its strong growth. In seasonally adjusted terms rose 3.2 percent. The national value of residential building activity rose only 0.2 percent from the December 2017 quarter. This was negatively impacted by Canterbury which fell 7.7 percent, coming off post-earthquake rebuild highs.

With a total of 1.4 billion spent on housing in Auckland last yearover twelve months. The government goal to increase this by 2.5 billion over 5 years making this a increase of 33% assuming Jacinda can make this happen.

The value of non-residential building work was $1.8 billion – up 6.6 percent on the March 2017 quarter.

PBF clients are finding tradespeople difficult to reach and even more difficult to pin down for small jobs or repair work.  PBF employs three full time builders to help our clients get exterior building repairs done for paint work. Without our builders people would often be delayed by 4 months or more waiting for builders to come.

Similarly our gib stopping team caters for small jobs with four stoppers all specialising in small jobs from a few patches to medium sized renovations. We have a seperate team from bigger projects.

Thanks to NZ Statistics

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